Kind words: what people tell me online

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  1. You suck, Moltey.
  2. Shut up.
  3. You're random.
  4. Man.
  5. Go away, I'm busy.
  6. Go bug someone else.
  7. There is nothing on your site about Arizona.
  8. You are a social retard.
  9. You're the foolest person in the world.
  10. You are not funny.
  11. I ignore you now.
  12. You can't speak properly.
  13. Learn to communicate.
  14. Why do you say things like that?
  15. STOP.
  16. You act like a 5 year old.
  17. Grow up.
  18. Our conversations are pointless.
  19. Nobody takes you seriously.
  20. When you grow up, people will look down and spit on you.
  21. Its not funny to me, you might think its funny.
  22. Ok. Now you say bye. And I say bye. And you log off.
  23. God. Seriously. I am not in the mood. I am annoyed enough.
  24. Hold on. Don't talk for 10 minutes.
  25. Man. STFU. Seriously.
  26. Dude. I won't respond to you anymore if you talk like that.
  27. God. You're so annoying.
  28. All you do is call people boats.
  29. Are you drunk?
  30. How much did you drink today?
  31. You are a cultureless fool.
  32. UR stupid.
  33. When I was younger, I acted like you. Now, I am a lot less irritating.
  34. I wish I could take you seriously, like anyone else, but whatever.
  35. Now, I think you're serious, but I really don't care.
  36. Why can't you talk normal?
  37. I can imagine when you are 30 and you're still talking like this.
  38. I doubt you're respected online by anyone.
  39. If your going to be so random, I'm not going to respond.
  40. You are filth.
  41. Stop with the drugs... I beg you.
  42. Why you talk weird?
  43. Shut it MT. Its over. No one likes you. Go back to making quotes.
  44. Thats why you don't have any friends, douchebag.
  45. Leave now and people may like you.
  46. Don't bother me, ok?
  47. WTF? Do you wake up and say "What kind of random shit can I say today?"
  48. Moltey, you smoking crack again? Maybe you forgot to take your pills?
  49. UR fucking annoying and u know it.
  50. Why are you abnormal? God. Stop saying these things. All it does is pisses me off.
  51. I kinda do not want to hear this now. I don't want to hear it at all actually.
  52. Everyone is annoyed by you except 1% of the weirdos.
  53. God forbid when you have kids, they will be normal just like everyone else and will be embarassed every time other kids see you.
  54. One question: Are you drunk or on drugs right now?
  55. Is internet just a medium for the insanity you wish you could release in real life?
  56. You must be very bored in life.
  57. Unless you've got something of value to tell me, I think I am going to stop talking now.
  58. You are lamer than ever, I see.
  59. Dude, do you suffer from autism by any chance?
  60. I see you're still acting like like a child.
  61. I don't have time for your silliness.
  62. I'm listening but you're not making any sense.
  63. I wasn't thanking you, just pointing out that you're contradicting yourself.
  64. You will be updating that list all night if you don't log off.
  65. The reason I ignore you nonstop, Molten, is because you just babble about nothing.
  66. You're confusing.
  67. Are you okay?
  68. MT, you are a nutty conversationalist who relies on talking here as your sole form of communication.
  69. Enough of you!
  70. Autism kicking in?
  71. My parents don't let me talk to idiots. I'm sorry.
  72. Taking drugs? I understand.
  73. I know UR random but DAM that was random.
  74. Molten, stop the verbal diarrhea.
  75. You are nobody and nothing. No one serves you. Serve me. I own you. I am your master.
  76. Piece of trash. Thats all you will ever be.
  77. I don't talk to autistic people. Good bye!
  78. Ok dude. I can't keep listening to your psychobabble. Have a nice life.
  79. Dude, are you on acid?

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