Moltey's emails that were never sent

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  1. It is I, who have been taken out of a flask in the manner of a doll!
  2. My complaints are ridiculous. I am unable to reach the truth and cannot work mirarcles. The heavens proclaim the end to my wanderings.
  3. Why, hello my glacial pool of grieving waters! Of course things are bad, but what can you change?
  4. There is so much anxiety and guilt in me but it seems to have been dissolved by the heavenly voices in my head.
  5. I am unholy and unwell and my state is in disrepair. Forgive me, but I am not coming to your gardens.
  6. Do you realize what you are? A spark of frustration, a floating vacuum, a disturbance in the background.
  7. Welcome to my world, where the sky is weightless, where the trees are covered with snow. I enter your apartment, and it appears to be a birdcage. There you sing thinly and helplessly. Words are like leaves falling from the sky.
  8. Sorry, creep but you do not merit a conversation. You are a microphone! Be quiet now.

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